Who am I???
  • “Hamba Allah”.
  • Just call me Mat or Hafiz ( my family often call me Mat and my schoolmate and classmate often called me Hafiz).
  • ABANG ER is another name that people love to called me up.
  • Already finished studied (UNIMAS)
  • Course – Degree in Finance.
  • 175 tall and 55 kg of weight ( BMI- too thin).
  • have 1 brother and 3 sister. I’m the second.
  • Own my own business – Laptop/PC formating.
  • Work as lab demonstrator in Unimas (FEB)
  • Travel a lot when in primary and secondary school ( 3 primary and 2 secondary) .
  • Love to listen song (nasheed-especially maher zain and malay song.).
  • Like to read technology books especially on PC and hadphone part.
  • Love to read novel (Thriller/Mystery)
  • Surfing Internet is one of my hobby. Not only online FB, but do some research.
  • Love to released tension in the personal blogs and also twitter 
  • Happy go lucky person.
  • Love to help people.
  • Like to have a new experience and do something that i never done before. for example on the previous week (25.9 and 26.9) , joining Hotlink Adveseder (Promoter).
  • Red and White are the color combination that I like.
  • Love windows shopping.
  • Love watching movie (comedy, horror , musical )
  • Love to take picture of myself. (hahaha)
  • When i got stressed, i often find a realy trustful person to hear my problem.
  • 100 plus is my favorite drinking water.
  • Often sleep when attending the lecture. (don’t follow this attitude)
  • Love to study and make an assignment last minutes. ( mark given by lecturer also last minutes. he3)
  • love to write a poem
  • 3 is my favorite number
  • Favorite quote (it depend on how i’m often using it. and so of it i do it by myself, not copying others quote
  1. “macam ku suka bha”
  2. “bikin panas jak”
  3. “KLMJ-kenangan lalu mengusik jiwa
  4. “Ko ada??? Sik adaa….” – HOtlink adveseder TRAdeMArk
  5. “mo kena seeepppaaakkk ka?
  6. “Listen to me, I’m not listening to you. If you dont want to listen, get out from my class!”