For your information, the Microsoft Office 2010 (M.O2010) beta version will expired soon (within 2 or 3 days from this post was published [PUBLISHED ON 28/10/2010- 4.30pm] .

For those who have try Microsoft Office 2010 beta , it really interesting to used M.O2010 . If you want to used it again, you must buy the original copies from the computer shop.  It have 3 different package that may contain different type of application.

For M.O2010  home and business, the price is **$280.00

For M.O2010 professional , the price is **$500.00

For M.O2010 home and student , the price is **$150.oo

**the price stated is in Ringgit Malaysia and reffering to the microsoft website :

The different application in each M.O2010 , you can see here.

Others option is you still can use your M.O2007.

credit to : Microsoft