HURM… quite frustrated when resident evil 5 cannot be played becoz of e_fail:xliveinitialize error when try to start the games… i also try to search and try some of the solution in the internet but, cannot solve the problem…

i try to think outside of the box…

it say that, xliveinitialize error… hurm.. it mean that, it cannot start the xlive program…

what have i done is , i try to change the name of the XLIVE. DLL to XLIVESTART.DLL

It working. so now, i can play the resident evil 5 game.

so try it out. maybe it help all of you…

please leave a comment if you found this solution is helpfull or not. tq. 🙂 😉



how to save the game?

1)go to windows live in the game

2) click “yes, ready to participate ”

3)create a new profile

4) scroll down and click create a local profile

5)enter your name

that it. you can now save resident evil 5 game.

This item should be in your program file>capcom>resident evil 5