Some of us still used Windows XP or Vista  in their laptop because it is easy to used. but they want to change the windows to Windows 7 but still want to used the older windows. Some of the software cannot support windows 7 yet. to make it easy, they want to used both windows. SO how we want to do that?

What you need is :

1) windows 7

2) original windows in your laptop. (windows xp or vista )

How to do it?

1) right click your my computer icon

2) choose manage > storage > disk management (default local c)

3) it will load for about 30 second.

4) choose your local C at the bottom of the windows  and then choose shrink volume.

5) in the ” Enter amount of space to shrink in MB” , put an amount inside it. you may divide it into  2 partion and then click shrink. (devide the total amount in the box into 2)

6) you will see the “UNALLOCATED” beside the local C.

7) restart your laptop (make sure that DVD windows 7 is already in your CD driver).

8) press setup  to change the boot (F2 – Note that, different laptop will have different key to enter setup)

9) go to boot, and then rearrange it to CD/DVD to run first. Exit an save. Your laptop will restart and it will boot from CD drive first.

10) READ this post , how to format laptop

11) in the step number 10 in the post, CHOOSE CUSTOM.

12) Find the UNALLOCATED SPACES , click NEXT.

13) It will load your windows 7.

14) Do not press any key while windows is loading.

15) After 30 minutes, it will finish to load  Windows 7.

*** IF you want to change back to old windows, just restart your computer, and press setup ( F2). change your boot . run hard disk in the first place , and second also, run from hard disk. save and exit . After that , you will see, windows boot manager will appear. choose your older version of windows and press enter.

******* Some of the laptop will appear windows boot manager directly without changing your boot.