many of us note that, when our laptop getting slow, it may have a virus in your laptop. you friend said, ANTIVIRUS X is good an very POWER. how to prove what your friend said is true? We will used this test to find out whether your antivirus is POWERFULL or NOT.

so , what you need is

1) antivirus

2) notepad

How to do it?

1) please open your notepad

2) copy this note and paste it in your notepad without a spaces ( 1 LINE ONLY )


3) save it and you will see the icon turns to aplication.

4) click it

5) you will warn by your antivirus as it detect the application as a virus.

6) if you see your antivirus did not detect anything, so what your friend said is WRONG.

* Some of antivirus, after you save it ( step 3), it will detect directly.

** This is only for the test. it will not harm your laptop. no worries 8)