“ARGH… what the hack with my laptop like this? before this it still ok. but after I install SOFTWARE X, my laptop oftenly shut down by itself or and it become so slow… haish… really frustrated . huhuhu … ”

Some of us may see this trouble by themself or their collegue. you might wonder how it could happend to you or your friends. Not only like  the situation above, it may cause some of others factor. For example, in your laptop have 2 antivirus, the microsoft detected you are using pirate copy of microsoft windows, your windows update is on and it may install by itself without you know it and so on.

How to overcome this problem?

You may used System Restore to restore back your system. ( bringing  back your system from this date to the previous date )

How to do that?

1) Find your system restore at search program and files (start menu) and  click it.

2) Choose the date that you think your system is goods (.

3) Start your system restore ( rolling back to a previous system )

*** Note that :  1) Installed program will be remove from your system but your downloaded files will not be remove.

Simple example:

12.04.09 your system is good . you have download the MOVIE Y (15.04.09 ) .But after your install SOFTWARE X at 17.04.09 , your system start to unstable. SOFTWARE X will remove/deleted if you restore it at date of 12.04.09 but your movie will not be deleted.

2) do not shutdown your laptop until system restore is finished to restore to it point.

Description: if you did not finish the system restore ( suddenly black out, battery low and need to shutdown and so on) , it will make your laptop getting worst .

*** NOTE : Please ask help from the professional if you want to do system restore .