As you all know, many messenger that we have nowadays , for example MSN messenger , Yahoo messenger and so on. some of it will need you to install in your laptop . many problem will occur if the internet connection not so good for example you cannot sign in to the messenger . today , facebook is the  most people join to this network . It have a chatbox, but not really stable.

How to overcome this problem ?

You can used web messenger to sign in for those thing. some of it may combined all in one web messenger. for example msn, yahoo, google talk, facebook an so on.

What is the name of the program  ?

You can used ebuddy to chat with your friend without worried anymore about the problem ( for example facebook chat ) . This is the link to go  to ebuddy website : ebuddy will provide you with the msn, yahoo, aim,icq, google talk ,and myspace.

Also you can used meebo . the diffence between ebuddy and meebo is meebo has a larege number of chatbox. In addition on meebo is zorpia, jabber , are you interested, fanpop, flikster and so on.  meebo website :

Do not forget to sign up first to used this program .