As you know, every genuine windows , it will have a serial key at the back of your CD box. But it will may cost you a little bit. If I not mistaken, the price of Genuine WINDOWS is about RM 300 ++ per DVD. if you are using a pirate CD/DVD , it only give you trial for 30 days only. How to overcome this problem?

  1. go to
  2. search for utorrent
  3. run the setup
  4. after finish the setup, search for movie torrent in your browser
  5. type in activation for windows xp  /vista / 7 ( depend on your operating system )
  6. download the torrent file
  7. start download the file
  8. run the setup and it will force you to restart your computer/ notebook

other way to activate your windows

  • using a patch or crack