Everyone can format a computer or notebook (laptop) . But some other do not know how to format a laptop.

It is easy to format a laptop but please be careful because you may seen the same step repeat .

preparation : CD windows xp or DVD windows vista (32 or 64 bit) or DVD windows 7 ( 32 or 64 bit)


1) insert your CD/DVD into you cd drive

2) you will see the messege ” PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM YOUR CD OR DVD

3) if you are not see the messege and your windows run normally, you NEED to rearrange your BOOT .

4)  rearrange it by simply press F2 button (for setup) .please take note that, different laptop will have different setup key (I will take F2 as my example ). to do this, restart your laptop first and be fast to push the  F2 key.

5) after you push the F2 Key, you will see on the top of the screen like this :


pleasse go to BOOT and rearange it. make sure it run from your CD drive first. after that, exit it and save it.

6) It will restart again from your CD drive.

7) press any key to continue

8 ) set up  everything that the windows need.

9) accept the agreement

10) choose weather to upgrade or custom

10.1) if you choose upgrade, it mean that you are upgrading from vista to windows 7. (if you are using vista right now, so you just upgrade it to windows 7)

10.2) if you choose custom, it mean that you want to delete the previous windows and put a new windows on it ( if you a using windows vista, but you want to used another version of vista (home premium to ultimate), you used this and vice versa.) it may also happend when you are twist to another version of windows.

11) find a right place to put your windows ( default –   LOCAL C)

* how to devide your hard disk, will be next tutorial.

12) it will be run for about 20-35 minutes.

13) DO NOT touch any key when its running .

14) fill in whatever windows need and DO NOT FORGET to put your serial key. If you are using pirate dvd, please leave the key box EMPTY.